[REVIEW—CRUMPLER HAVEN camera bag insert]

Crumpler Haven

Price: Small $49 Medium $59 Large $69

Super camera protection

The low-down: The Crumpler Haven is a padded protective insert that turns many Crumpler bags into camera carriers. It is specifically designed to fit into the Million Dollar Home bags, with sizes to fit different bags in the range. Each Haven comes with configurable dividers to keep cameras and lenses from grinding against each other. On the outside there are pockets for memory cards, lens caps or other small doodads. The Haven is closed, but not sealed, at the top with a drawstring and clamp. Construction quality matches Crumpler bags, which means that it is very good indeed, carrying the usual “till death do us part” warranty.

LIKE: We have two Crumpler “Five Million Dollar Home” bags — the medium size — which are our preferred camera carriers when we don’t need to lug more than a camera body and one or two lenses. It is our default bag for the Olympus Micro Four Thirds gear. The Haven insert provides a higher level of protection and abrasion prevention.

DISLIKE: If it were able to be fully sealed and waterproof that would be the icing on the cake. It is not a deal-breaker.

VERDICT: Crumpler legend [www.crumpler.com.au] has it that the first bag was a canvas affair, stitched together in 1992 by Stu Crumpler in Ballarat. He wanted it to carry a slab of beer on his bike. These days Crumpler is an internationally recognised brand of superior carry bags sold throughout Asia, Europe and north America. The bags are designed in Melbourne under the direction of Sam Davy, the Creative Director who came to Crumpler via Apple’s design studio in California. The extensive range of camera bags, from compact pouches up to elaborate multi compartment professional backpacks, is constantly refined. We love them!



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