Samsung GALAXY Tab 10.1

Price: $579 16GB wi-fi only

Striking at the king

THE LOW-DOWN: This is the pad that Apple didn’t want us to see. It uses the Android 3.1 OS and comes in 16 and 64GB memory versions with or without 3G. The basic model weighs 565 grams and is 8.6mm thick. The obvious difference from the iPad is screen aspect ratio. The Galaxy Tab is 16:10 and the iPad is around 3:4, so the iPad is better for photos and the Galaxy better for widescreen movies. The Galaxy plays most movie formats, including Flash, and the iPad doesn’t. Installed apps include an MS-compatible office suite and the usual web browser, email client and media player. The Android Market and Samsung’s app shop give access to thousands more. Google’s Voice Search is included. There are two cameras, front and back, both poor.

LIKE: The Android operating system is simply better than iOS. Connect the Galaxy to a PC and it shows up as an accessible external drive. The feeling of freedom, after using an iPad connected to iTunes, is exhilarating. The display is excellent.

DISLIKE: The 10.1” diagonal screen sounds like more, but in fact it is less, at least for photographers. The shorter, wider iPad screen is better suited to displaying photos.

VERDICT: “When you strike at a king you must strike to kill him” a wise man said. The Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 is a strong blow from the Android camp, but is it a deadly one? The Samsung Galaxy SII rules in smart phones, but the iPhone is still the one that is talked about and that trendy youthoids simply must have. However, if we were buying a tablet/pad now it would be the Samsung, thanks to the High Court of Australia!


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