Samsung NX11

Price: $750

Excellent compact system camera

The low-down: This 14.6 megapixel camera with the APS-C SIZED sensor (as used in most consumer level DSLRs) is a slight revision of the NX10, Samsung’s first compact interchangeable lens camera with an electronic viewfinder. Body shape, bulk and mass are much the same, but the 11 now uses the iFn range of lenses. (The NX10 also supports iFn lenses after a firmware update) iFn is the button on the lens barrel that gives instant access to exposure compensation, ISO or white balance, depending on how many times the button is pressed. The kit lens is the 18–55mm zoom. The LCD is an AMOLED screen of high resolution and brightness. The camera is well made with good ergonomics, feeling like a slightly reduced DSLR. Video is up to 1280×720 with mono sound. There are Smart Filters and Styles for adding effects and colour styles via in-camera editing.

LIKE: We liked the NX10 and the NX11 is just that little bit better. Focus is fast and accurate, colours and exposures are good. It is a responsive camera, particularly by comparison with some other EVF cameras. The iFn control is not a gimmick — it is useful once you become accustomed to it.

DISLIKE: The electronic viewfinder is not too bad, but it does black out momentarily when the shutter is released.

VERDICT: These compact system cameras, such as the Samsung and those from Olympus, Panasonic and Sony, are the perfect step up from the true compacts, giving much better image quality in small body forms. In Asia these cameras take about 40 per cent of the market for interchangeable lens cameras, here it is under 10 per cent. Samsung has two excellent cameras in this class: the NX11 and NX100. With their large sensors in small bodies they are an excellent bridge between compact and DSLR.



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